Kamui Cosplay

Kamui is a legend among the cosplay tutorial and content creators. Her costumes are simply amazing and her video tutorials are very easy to understand. She's also got 2 adorable doggos. We highly recommend checking her out!

Visit their website: kamuicosplay.com

Punished Props

Bill and Britany Doran consistently pump out high quality video tutorials and books. They cover a wide range of techniques including 3D Printing and design, Casting, Painting, Foamsmithing, Vacuuforming and much more.

Visit their website: punishedprops.com

Evil Ted

Evil Ted worked in the movie industry doing visual effects, prop, and model making for 28 years. He's a wizard when it comes to working with EVA foam and has published many tutorial videos and patterns.

Visit their website: eviltedsmith.com

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Kinpatsu offers e-books specailizing on makeup and wig styling for cosplay as well as tutorial and pattern booklets for most, if not all, of the costumes she creates.

Visit their website: kinpatsucosplay.com


DIY Electronic Wings

How to make doling wings using PVC and linear actuators.

View Tutorial

DIY Sanding Box

A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to do messy stuff even inside a small house or apartment!

View Tutorial

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