How To Make An Inexpensive Paint Booth


This winter has been particularly long and cold in Canada, which hasn't presented many opportunities to go outside and paint.

In this quick tutorial I'm going to show you how anyone can make a cheap and portable paint booth. All of the materials and tools required for this build can be found at your dollar store!

What you will need:

  • Foam Core Board (4-5 sheets)
  • Box Cutter (or scissors)
  • Pencil, Pen or other marking tool
  • Duct Tape
  • Ruler or Straight Edge
  • Measuring Tape (optional)
  • Dowel, broom handle or pipe (optional)

Step 1

Gather your materials and cut 2 of your sheets of foam core into squares.

Step 2

To let more light in cut off one of the corners of each square. Make sure you make these equal.

Step 3

Cut a thinner strip from another sheet of foam core that is equal to the width of the top edge of the angled side pieces you just made.

Step 4

Lay down your pieces like this and tape along the dotted lines as shown.

Step 5

Fold the pieces along these tape lines and tape the pieces together into their final shape.

Step 6 (Optional)

Cut a hole in both sides of the paint booth and insert a rod or dowel to provide something to hang your pieces from while painting/drying.

You should now have a light weight and portable paint booth for only a few dollars in materials.

You could always upgrade this design as well. If you wanted a more robust material swap the foam core for corrugated plastic. If you plan on painting indoors a lot you can cut a hole in the back, cover it with a furnace filter and use a fan to ventilate the booth. Or if you are painting in an area where the lighting is poor you can add some LED lights along the top and sides.

As always make sure you use proper safety equipment and paint in a well ventilated area.

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Hope you found this helpful!
SolidRye (@SolidRye)

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