For the Love of Cosplay (closed)


2020 was a disappointing year for everyone.  With the cancellation of conventions, cosplayers were forced to put away their cosplays for another year.  Yet, as cosplayers, we strive for that next great cosplay! Let's forget what was lost in 2020 and have some fun with designs for the future!

Let's power through this spring with some creativity! And why not? This time there are prizes on the line!  This challenge allows you to design and dream up of a cosplay design that will fit the theme of each day.

  • Post your entry in the correct channel on our Discord with the tag #ForTheLoveOfCosplay.
  • If you like a person’s design, add a "Thumbs Up" reaction on their post in the Discord channel. 
  • Each individual who reacts to your post counts as a vote!
  • Whoever has the most votes qualifies for a chance at one of the prizes!

Check out below for full rules and F.A.Q. for entering.  If you have any questions direct them to @SuperBee or the Admin Team on Discord.

Daily Prompts

  • Rebirth - April 15th
  • Pastels - April 16th
  • Cherry Blossoms - April 17th
  • Bunny - April 18th
  • Rain - April 19th
  • Green - April 20th
  • Rainbows - April 21th
  • Spring Break - April 22nd
  • Lamb - April 23rd
  • Clovers - April 24th
  • Daisies - April 25th
  • Sunshine - April 26th
  • Puppy Love - April 27th
  • Fool - April 28th
  • Cleaning - April 29th
  • Dance - April 30th
  • Childhood - May 1st
  • Eggs - May 2nd
  • Hope - May 3rd
  • Frogs - May 4th
  • Umbrella - May 5th
  • Bumble Bees - May 6th
  • Gardening - May 7th
  • Fairies - May 8th
  • Toadstools - May 9th
  • Bubbles - May 10th
  • New Original Character (spring themed) - May 11th
  • Thaw - May 12th
  • Sweets - May 13th
  • Lion - May 14th

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is presented as a quick reference only. Please read the full rules below this section for all details.
Any further questions can be directed to @SuperBee on Discord.

Challenge Rules and Regulations:

Please be sure to read the Rules and Regulations in full before taking part in the challenge.
(Last updated April 12th 2021 at 7:24PM EST)


  • Community's Choice: (1) $60CAD digital gift card of choice (within reason lol. No LCBO, etc...)
  • Bee's Choice: (1) $30CAD digital gift card of choice (Tim Hortons, Starbucks, etc...)

Competition Duration:

Competition opens April 15th 2021 at 12:01am EST and will run until May 14th 2021 11:59pm EST. Potential winners will be notified the following week.

How to Enter:

  1. Join our Discord community. If you're reading this you're already in the right place. Click here to join the discord.
  2. Each day will have a theme, all you need to do is design a potential cosplay to reflect the theme. The cosplay should be original work and include your signature somewhere in the design if submitting artwork. Also clearly label what theme your design is reflecting on your entry. Multiple entries are allowed. You may choose to illustrate the cosplay on paper or digitally, or write a detailed description of the cosplay. You must also write a short blurb on how your design matches the theme.

Qualifying Entries:

A qualifying entry must consist of all of the following to be considered valid. Any entry that does not meet these requirements will be disqualified.

  1. The design MUST match the theme of the day it is posted
  2. The design must be labeled with the theme, date, tag and posted in the correct Discord channel.
  3. If submitting artwork it must include your signature, initials or tag to prove it's your unique work.
  4. The design should include:
    1. A statement declaring how your design fits the theme
    2. Reference material of the design/inspiration if you were inspired elsewhere
  5. An acceptable entry may be, artwork, reference photos, and/or a detailed description of your design.

Entries accepted until 11:59pm each day. Entries submitted after that time will not be counted. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry if we feel it violates the spirit of the competition. This includes but is not limited to stolen concepts/artwork, low effort content, etc...


This challenge is open to Canadian residents aged 13 or higher.  Multiple entries per day are permitted.  Any entries submitted from anyone residing outside of Canada or under the age of 13 will be disqualified.  We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant if we believe they are in violation of any of the above.


In order to qualify as a potential winner, the competitor must complete a minimum of (5) qualifying entries. The odds of winning are dependent on the number of competitors.

Winners we be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Community's Choice:  This prize will be awarded to the competitor that has the most unique votes (counted via Discord reactions) tagged to their entries.
  • Bee's Choice:  This prize will be awarded to the competitor that puts forth the most creative entries as chosen by the judge: @SuperBee.  

The potential winner must complete a skill testing question to be awarded a prize.  In the case that the potential winner is unable to be contacted to claim their prize, or declines their prize for any reason, the competitor with the next most qualifying entries will be chosen. In the unlikely case of a tie between 2 or more competitors, the potential winner will be chosen by the judges based upon which competitor put forth the most amount of effort, creativity and dedication to their entries overall.


By entering this contest you grant the Canadian Cosplay Community explicit consent to use your submitted image, username, instagram handle and/or likeness on both Instagram, the Canadian Cosplay Community Discord server and the Canadian Cosplay Community website for the purposes of promoting this (and future) contest(s) and to provide updates to the community. If you require to opt out of this for any reason please contact [email protected]