Arda Wigs Canada


Everyone knows Arda Wigs for their incredibly high quality wigs, but recently they’ve started carrying much more. They are also one of the first suppliers in Canada for Foam Clay.

Cosplay Supplies

SolidRye offers shipping through their Toronto based warehouse. They are a great source for EVA Foam, Worbla, Finished Costumes. Makeup, Wigs, Props and more!

Red Moon Cosplay Solutions


Located out of Edmonton, Alberta, Red Moon Cosplay Solutions offers a wide variety of cosplay supplies. EVA foam, Worbla, Acrylic, FlexiPaint, 3D Printing supplies, Tools, Books, Electronics and so much more.

True North Cosplay


True North Cosplay is a Canadian online supplier of high quality EVA foam sheets and foam clay based out of Quebec. They are also one of the very few Canadian suppliers we’ve come across for Barge contact cement.